About us…

Welcome to our World…

Lickylikey is an adventure in Ice cream that we conceived in early 2011 but which remained a dream until 2012 when we finally found the van that has made it all possible.

We now cater to all sorts of events, offering a real retro feel, combining fabulous Ice cream in cones and sundaes, together with Lovely lollies, retro drinks and sweeties all wrapped up in our wonderful van.

There are 4 things that make LickyLikey great.  As it’s impossible to say which is more important we will introduce ourselves In age order…

Our Delicious Ice-cream

It’s not really the oldest but is produced locally in Sussex by the Downsview Farmhouse, who have been in the Dairy business for the last 50 years.

They truly believe you get out what you put in  and ensure their cows have a happy life and in return are provided with some truly amazing milk, which goes from cow to ice cream in a matter of hours ensuring that our ice cream is not only delicious but fresh too!


One half of the dynamic duo that set up LickyLikey and the one with the mad ideas (lets give up our jobs to sell fantastic ice cream from a retro ice cream van…)

James has a passion for food and is never happier than when serving people wonderful ice cream but watch out for his portions – they are legendary!!.

Lulu – the Lickylikey Van

She’s a beauty and just approaching 40 years old but still going strong. Lulu is a 1973 Bedford CF Ice cream van with all original features including some fantastic retro touches.

She has been a real labour of love since we adopted her from Linda and Mick in Poole, where she had spent many years bringing joy to the kids of the local area.


Last but by no means least we have the baby of the family. He is the cheeky chappy who keeps James on track and makes sure we make it safely to all of our events!!

Darren loves all things retro and is responsible for our unique look. He is also a lil bit psychic and often doles out sage advise with his ice creams!!




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