Our Treats

From Gourmet Ice cream in a range of wonderful flavours, to retro drinks and sweets – all are possibilities when you step aboard the LickyLikey express…

Fabulous Ice Cream

Our Ice cream comes in a full range of flavours and we have access to over 200 recipes. With a little notice we can usually meet almost any requirements. Below are some examples of flavours we are usually asked for…

Coconut                                                     Honey and Stem Ginger
Rum & Raisin                                            Blackberry
Pistachio                                                   Caramel Fudge
Very Vanilla                                               Honeycomb
Raspberry Ripple                                     Mint Choc Chip
Chocolate Chunk                                     Orange Marmalade 
Succulent Strawberry                             Toffee Apple
Hazelnut                                                    Lemon Meringue

Saucy Sorbets

Our range of mouth watering sorbets is growing all the time

Lemon                                            Strawberry
Orange                                           Raspberry
Mango                                            Champagne

Our Lollies

We offer a range of fruit based lollies including…

Orange                                        Strawberry & Banana
Lemon                                          Blackcurrant
Apple & Mango                           Apple & Raspberry

in addition we can be stocked with tradtional favourites like Rockets, Strawberry Splits and Milk lollies to name but a few

Our Drinkies

Our drinks all come in traditional glass bottles and wonderful stripy straws

Coke                                             Ginger Beer
Diet Coke                                     Dandelion and Burdoch
Traditional Lemonade               South Downs Spring water

How about something completely different?

Try one of our amazing floats. as well as the traditional coke float, we have come up with some delicious alternatives…

Rum and Coke Float – coke/Diet coke with a dollop of Rum and Raisin ice cream
Sherbet Lemon – Cloudy lemonade with a dollop of Lemon sorbet
The FizBang – Energy Drink topped with Orange ice cream and a sprinkle of spacedust!!
The Brighton Cooler – Ginger beer and Vanilla ice cream

Our Sweeties

Lulu comes stocked with jars of old fashioned sweeties. Just some of our range…

Liquorice Allsorts
Jelly Babies
Pear Drops
Toffee Bonbons
Mint Humbugs


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